Face Masks
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Personalized Face Masks With your Logo

At Roux Professional you will find high quality, individually designed and reusable face masks for companys, gastronomy, hotels, restaurants, schools, cosmetics and local communities. High quality, stylish and washable; Face masks with logo printed or embroidered for your company.

The way to your individual Face Masks

Choose the right face mask model from our range and send us your desired model. All models are also available for children.

With our Roux Professional fabric face mask models you have a large selection of different colors and fabrics. Choose your color or colors. Cotton/ Polyester

The presentation will then be emailed to you for your feedback.


Reusable Face Masks for Companys

Printed Face Masks

Our fabric masks can usually be printed with any logo. Transfer printing is the optimal type of finishing for image motifs, logos with color gradients or photos. A transfer is characterized by brilliant and resilient colors and can be positioned very variably. Washable up to 60 °

Embroidered Face Masks

Individual embroidery gives your face masks a classy look and is also very durable and persists for a long time. Our machines embroider your logo, motif or your company-name according to your specifications. The embroidery is washable up to 90 ° and looks very high quality.

Fabric Face Masks With Woven Labels

Woven labels are woven or printed. Woven labels are washable as logos and symbols are woven in with polyester yarn. A very wide range of yarns leaves little to be desired and makes a good alternative to embroidery and printing. The woven labels are washable up to 90°.

High quality Face Masks

Face Masks As Promotional Gifts

We will be happy to help you - quickly, competently and conveniently by phone 0211 1714290 or by email to tc@berufsbekleidung-roux.de

Made in Portugal

Sustainable Face masks made of cotton in different colors

Certified Face Masks

Face Masks With Logo - Face Masks With Your Company logo as advertising material

In our online shop you will find various face and mouth masks made of cotton. According to your wishes, you can provide them with a ready-made motif or design the design completely individually. For example, place your company logo and slogan on the fabric masks.

Through the mouth masks with your logo & lettering, you and your employees show the public your responsibility in dealing with the current situation of the corona crisis and underline the compliance with the protective measures. Wearing the mask also helps your employees to behave more consciously overall and to avoid touching parts of their face. Thanks to the washable and reusable fabrics of the face mask, you avoid unnecessary rubbish and thus not unnecessarily pollute the environment.

Everyday masks in the color of your choice

With our Roux workwear makeshift everyday masks models you have a large selection of different colors. Choose from 24 fashionable standard colors or 18 additional special colors.

Fabric face masks printed or embroidered

Fabric face masks can usually be printed with any logo or motif. In this respect, fabric masks can of course also be printed or embroidered with your own company logo or club logo. All mouth masks are available from us both as printed without in different colors and individually printed with your own logo or motif.

Our masks can be printed on both the middle part and the nasal strip. Logo or motifs can be prominently present or more discreetly attached, as desired. The maximum print width for model RX 65 is up to 14 cm, the maximum print height up to 3 cm and masks model RX 64 up to a maximum print height of 6 cm. Vector files in common formats are used as templates.

Reusable fabric masks with your own logo

Have face masks printed with your logo as promotional items or advertising material. During the Corona crisis it is particularly important to protect yourself and those around you, but above all to stick together. By wearing a uniform mouth mask, the camaraderie is still conveyed, even if you cannot be together.

The community masks can also be printed exclusively as fan articles for your sports club.

Mouth mask quality: The classic, soft cotton fabric with a skin-friendly handle is perfect for reusable mouth masks. With this mask you prevent that you unconsciously touch your face and protect your mucous membranes in the mouth and nose area. In addition, you actively help to prevent your droplets from spreading. Roux work clothing stands for a high-quality, easy-care and hard-wearing fabric that is pleasant to wear.

How do you wear and wash protective masks correctly?

Ideally, a face mask should extend from the bridge of the nose to under the chin - as the name suggests, completely cover both the nose and mouth - including any beard. The mask must be placed correctly over the mouth, nose and cheeks and be as tight as possible around the edges to minimize air penetration at the sides.

After a single use, masks should ideally be washed at 95 degrees, but at least at 60 degrees and then dried completely. Note any manufacturer's information on the maximum number of cycles after which the strength and functionality is still given. The current hygiene regulations, in particular the current recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI, www.rki.de) and the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA, www.infektionsschutz.de) must still be observed.

Certified children's mouth masks

Now it is there - the mask requirement. And not just for us adults, but also for our children. The masks are designed to protect against the dangerous Covid-19 virus and must be worn in public spaces. These include public transport or supermarkets. In most federal states, children aged 6 and over are required to wear a mask.

The fabric and children's masks that are used for the Roux workwear mouth and nose masks have been certified by the Portuguese Technology Center for Textile and Clothing Industry CITEVE in connection with COVID-19 for level 3 masks.

The results of the test center confirm that the raw material for the Roux workwear mouth masks meets the requirements

in terms of breathability and particle filtration capacity for makeshift masks that are used in the context of COVID-19 In addition to its own label and the OEKO-TEX® portfolio, the CITEVE Group is a notified European institution for the certification of PPE.

Individualized children's masks - have children's masks printed

As a school authority, you can provide your students with individualized, appealing children's masks in your style with the school logo. We print them individually according to your wishes with text, name, motif or logo.