Face Masks

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Washable, Reusable & Breathable Cloth Face Masks Collection Blank or Printed With Your Logo

Roux Professional provides reusable Cloth Face Masks. Create custom face masks and make a fashion statement.

Personalized face masks have been growing in popularity over the last few monts and have recently become more popular than ever. Buy face masks for companies with and without logo embroidery from roux-professional.com In many countries in World also in Europe, there is national mask requirement, the official, urgent recommendation of the federal government nevertheless applies to wearing face masks in many areas of public life. Strengthen your corporate identity with embroidered employee face masks.

If you have questions for orders of larger quantities, please contact us by phone on +49 211 171 42 90 or by e-mail: info@roux-professional.com

Custom Made Reusable Cloth Face Mask with your Logo

cloth face mask with logo
custom face mask


 Custom Made Cloth Face Masks

Reusable Cloth Face Masks with rubber band! Free choice of fabrics! high quality and customizable. You decide which color, fabrics and model should be for your company or school cloth face masks and we implement them in the highest quality and deliver quickly.

How can I make a custom face mask and where can I start?
1- Choose the one you like Face Mask Model and Color
2- Add your Logo as a Print or Embroidery
3- We delivery quickly.

Face Masks with your Logo

Roux Professional offers its customers the opportunity to customize the Cloth Face Masks a embroidery or print with your logo.

+49 211 171 42 90 or by e-mail: info@roux-professional.com

custom made face mask

Custom Face Mask Printed

face mask with logo

Custom Face Mask with Label

 face mask with logo

Custom Face Mask with Embroidery

Certificated Cloth Face Masks with Filter

The fabric used for the Roux Professional Cloth Face Masks has been certified by the Portuguese Technology Center for Textile and Clothing Industry CITEVE in connection with COVID-19 for level 3 masks.
The results of the test center confirm that the raw material for the Roux Professional fabric face masks meets the requirements for breathability and particle filtration capacity for makeshift masks used in the context of COVID-19. These community masks with the certification for level 3 are intended to serve as additional protection for social distance measures, which are of fundamental importance for the control of COVID-19. These masks must not be used by medical professionals in the performance of their duties because they are neither medical nor surgical masks.

How to Wear a Cloth Face Covering?
A cloth face covering should cover your mouth and nose while allowing you to breathe comfortably. It can be as simple as a scarf or bandana that ties behind the head.

- fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face

- be secured with ties or ear loops
- include multiple layers of fabric
- allow for breathing without restriction
- be able to be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to shape.

How to Measure Face Mask? The fit & size:
- The mask should fit snugly but comfortably against the sides of your face.
- It should be secured with ties or ear loops.
- Refer to our size chart. If your measurements are close to the size boundary, please order one size up.

The care:
- Wash your facemask regularly with your laundry.
- The more you wear it, the more you should wash it.

Taking of the mask:
- Do not to touch your eyes, nose, or mouth while removing the face covering and wash hands immediately after removing it. 

 Please note that this mask is NOT a surgical/medical mask and does not block any virus or bacteria when used alone.For more information on wearing face masks, please visit the World Health Organization website.


Cloth Face Mask Quality: The classic, soft cotton fabric with a skin-friendly handle is perfect for reusable face masks. With this mask you prevent yourself from unconsciously touching your face and thus protect your mucous membranes in the mouth and nose area. In addition, you actively help not to distribute your droplets any further. Roux Professional stands for a high-quality, easy-care and hard-wearing fabric with pleasant wearing comfort.


Frequently asked questions about face masks:

Is there a minimum order quantity?

  • The minimum order quantity including printing or embroidery is 50 pieces.

What are face masks?

  • Face masks are also understood to mean non-medical or self-sewn masks, which offer slight protection against droplets.

How much does it cost to print masks?

  • The printing costs depend on the number of pieces.
Are there also children masks ?
  • Yes, our cotton masks are also available in children's sizes and different colors.

Where are our face masks made?

  • Our community masks are made in our studio in Portugal.

Can you embroider face masks with us?

  • Yes, all of our masks can also be embroidered.

What are mouth masks?

  • Mouth and nose masks cover the area of ​​the mouth and nose. Other synonyms are makeshift or masks for everyday.