Hotel Uniforms

Hotel Uniforms: The Roux Professional Know How

Our designers make important material choices and choose high-quality, more sustainable options to create durable products in terms of both strength and integrity of the construction as well as long-lasting, timeless designs.
The goal is that each designed article has its own value, so that our customers can maintain and enjoy it for a long time.

A modern line, functional and design
The designs and collections are worked out in our studios in Lisbon by experienced staff. Our products and workflows undergo a thorough and thorough review. We focus on quality through care, innovation and finesse.

Elegance, Perfection and Superior quality
An elegant and comfortable Reception, Housekeeping, Spa & Wellness clothing ensures impeccable service. High quality materials and refined workmanship inspired by the requirements of this profession.
We always strive to create unique designs that allow chefs to give their best in cooking. Made with a keen eye for detail, optimal comfort and maximum durability.