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You decide which colour, material and cut you want your Workwear to have, and we will produce it in the highest quality.


At Roux Professional workwear you will find high quality and customizable Aprons and binders for catering, hotel, restaurants, cafes  and beauty industries.

Our updated Aprons collection brings updated features and smarter design to some of your favorite styles. We've combined classic lines with quality fabrics to create fashion forward apron designs in denim, canvas, bib, waist and cross back styles.

The perfect aprons for the service staff of your hospitality

Are you looking for modern aprons for your catering business? At Roux Professional your contact person in the field of workwear with over 20 years of experience, you can expect a large selection of aprons in different materials, designs and colors. Whether bib aprons, denim aprons, leather aprons or bistro aprons - with us everyone will find the right apron.

Branded Aprons

We offer high quality, embroidered aprons and printed aprons with logo, all suitable for catering and hospitality staff.
The personalised apron in its original, practical use is to protect our clothing from spills or accidents and can be spotted in every caterer's business, on everyone from restaurants to baristas.
Take the first step to creating your personalised uniform today by either calling us on +49 211 1714290 or send us the Mail: We look forward to working with you.

An apron’s primary function is to protect your clothes from food stains, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice comfort for utility. An apron should be comfortable, because the last thing you need is an annoying, ill-fitting thing getting in the way while you’re trying to get dinner on the table. There are lots of different apron styles from diffrent fabrics. Depending on your body type and the kind of coverage you need, you may find one or two styles that work better than others. Let’s take a moment to run down the different styles we cover in this guide:

Neck-strap bib apron: A strap around your neck holds the bib in place, and separate ties cinch the apron around your waist. This style is easy to put on and take off, but some people don’t like the feel of a strap tugging on their neck.

Cross-back bib apron: Two long straps attached at the bib go over the shoulders and cross at the middle back. You guide the straps through holes at the waist, and use them to adjust the fit of the apron. Cross-back aprons sit close to the body, and the shoulder straps balance the weight, thus keeping pressure off the neck.

Pinafore: This apron loosely hangs from the shoulders and drapes around the body. Pinafore aprons—especially those made from breathable linen—tend to keep you cooler than other styles. They’re comfortable over any outfit, and they fit especially well over dresses.

Waist apron: This apron offers the least amount of protection, covering only the bottom torso and thighs. Also called a bistro apron, it’s good for quick jobs and for looking presentable to guests.