Our Workwear & Uniform Collections produced Sustainably and fairly in Portugal

You decide which colour, material and cut you want your Workwear to have, and we will produce it in the highest quality.

Scrubs for women and men in medicine and healtcare

It has to be quick in the medical and nursing industry. All the better if you have a practical scrubs for women and men  hanging in your closet or locker. The top for everyday work is rightly a popular item of clothing for doctors, nurses or nurses. Because it can be put over the head easily and comfortably without having to worry about pinching zippers for a long time before starting work. The fashionably curved V-neckline of the slip-on bags is always eye-safe even when moving.

For more individuality

Work clothing for hospitals or medical practices is still often chosen in classic white. But why not try something new? That is why we offer slip hats for women and men in fresh colors such as light blue, green, red or darkred. For an individual appearance, you will also find scrubs in our shop with an additional colored trim on the neckline. Of course, we make sure that the colors also harmonize well with each other, so that you feel comfortable at all times during work.