Our Workwear & Uniform Collections produced Sustainably and fairly in Portugal

You decide which colour, material and cut you want your Workwear to have, and we will produce it in the highest quality.

Uniforms & Workwear for the Hairdresser Salon

We supply hairdressing tunics, aprons and uniforms in a range of styles, sizes and designs with capacity to supply single tunics or large quantity uniform orders to give your entire salon a stylish and professional feel.
The staff in the hairdressing salon always look especially good. And they should, because the hairdresser is about to beautify the customer a bit. At least, as far as the hair of the head is concerned. And of course, the staff in the hairdressing salon should lead by example. Imagine a hairstyle with matted hair. Who would like to have their hair cut? No, a well-groomed appearance is an important foundation for success in the hairdressing salon. And that also has to do with workwear. This should always be clean and fashionable. But also comfortable for the employees to wear.