Custom Design Aprons

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As part of our service, we strategically curate an entire uniform range that we know will suit your business. Every workplace and workspace is different, so we’ve developed our offering to provide a range of options to suit your branding, budget, or hard-wearing requirements.

Curate with Us

Do you have specific ideas about how your team should be dressed, but cannot find the right model or color? Roux Professional offers you the service of a custom made production of your desired product. That means we manufacture the article exactly according to your wishes. You decide which model, colors, measure etc. and we produce exactly according to your ideas.

custom made

Embroidery aprons

How to Customise your Aprons or Chefs Jackets

Roux Professional workwear specializes in bringing your individual wishes to chef jackets and aprons. You decide which colors, materials and cut your uniform / workwear should have, and we produce them in the highest quality.

1- Consultation

A personal consultation will focus on your requirements over the phone

0211 1714290 or E-Mail

2- Digital Uniform Style

Our in-house designers are experts in developing new designs after speaking with you and we will send you free design drafts for viewing.

3- Fabric & Colors

With our Roux Professional uniforms models you have a large selection of different fabrics & colors. Choose from 27 fashionable standard colors or over 20 additional special colors

Add your Logo with US

4- Logo Embroidery

Together we'll make your brand and company shine by giving you a unique hospitality uniform that makes your brand stand head and shoulders above your competitors. We want to make it easy for you and your team  can wear your own design with pride! 


Uniform Customisation

Personalized Aprons for Women & Men

Put your own unique stamp on your staff uniform with Roux Professional’s end-to-end uniform customisation service!

Exclusive Custom Design Uniforms

Let our expert team of designers help you create the perfect staff uniform wardrobe for your team. Our Aprons, Chefs Jackets, Pants or Hats can all be customised and branded with your unique identity. It's taking our modern uniform offering and making it your own – personalised, custom and on brand.

We’ve worked with businesses great and small on bespoke promotional uniforms for events, marketing activities, trade shows and pop ups. If your business requires a customised solution for your marketing apparel, we are able to assist you with a design-led solution from beginning to end.


For us, uniforms is not just workwear. We always keep an eye on the details, because it is the details that make the difference in a busy everyday life. If the denim fabric in the apron durable or gets in the way during a long work day, it means irritation and discomfort for those working in the clothes. When designing chefs clothing, we therefore focus 100 percent on comfort, quality and functionality. We only collaborate with a few suppliers, so we always know the quality of the products. We test all new products before they are introduced into our range, both in our own laboratory and in relation to washing and using them in the workplace.
In this way, we ensure the workwear always works best in the given profession, while maintaining colour, shape and appearance - even after many days of use