Our Workwear & Uniform Collections produced Sustainably and fairly in Portugal

You decide which colour, material and cut you want your Workwear to have, and we will produce it in the highest quality.

Kitchen/Bakery | Roux Professional

Your cooking defines you. Now, let our chef coats define your look. With decades of input from culinary giants/chefs all around the world, we’ve created a line of chef jackets that range from modern and edgy to timeless classics. With sleek and modern features like moisture-wicking fabrics, you’ll stay cool in the kitchen and look your best each night. Our range of workwear is also ideal for bakers and confectioners.

Superior quality and perfect fit
We always strive to create unique designs that allow chefs to give their best in cooking. Made with a keen eye for detail, optimal comfort and maximum durability.

Comfort and function
The chef's jackets from Roux Professional also remain true to the classic cut without cuffs: This guarantees maximum freedom of movement without restrictions. Roux Professional also offers a variety of features - depending on the model, your chef's jacket offers comfort that is tailored to your needs and functionality that meets your needs:

Back slit for more freedom of movement
Roll-up sleeves for freedom of design and movement
Chest pockets, jacket pockets, pocket on the upper arm etc. for stowing utensils
Mesh panels under the arms, in the neck or back area for ventilation and much more